Swift, Sturdy, Multipurpose Fastener

Redefine room aesthetics with BOTRACKS, where Sustainability and Luxury converge.

Easy on Easy off 3 Piece Bed Skirt

Are you tired of ‘chasing skirts’?

Within minutes one housekeeper can swap the bed skirt without lifting the mattress.

Changing out a room’s linen, including the bed skirt, doesn’t have to be hard, or time consuming.

BOTRACKS® makes it possible to secure a bed skirt easily and perfectly.

BOTRACKS® attaches along the top edge of the box spring, allowing the skirt to hang.

It leaves a smooth, sleek edge and eliminates the need to lift or shift heavy mattresses.

The first bed skirt to STAY perfect day after day

Transform your hotel or cruise ship rooms with Botracks, the innovative bed skirt system.

Before BOTRACKS®, rooms often struggled with outdated designs and impractical bed skirts. Now, witness the remarkable transformation:

BOTRACKS® brings a sustainable, modern design that optimizes space and offers convenience. Its low maintenance and cost efficiency make it an ideal choice for revamping any room.

BOTRACKS® re-invented the Bed Skirt removing all of the drawbacks.
We provide the instructions for your workroom to easily duplicate the simple 3 piece designed Bed Skirt.

Without removing the mattress, a single side can now be changed and refreshed in minutes. The Bed Skirt’s foot panel is sewn for a King-size or Queen-size bed. The Bed skirts sides are interchangeable for the King and Queen beds.

Benefits & Savings

  • Folds compact like a flat sheet
  • Conveniently stores on a cart
  • Quick fix solution
  • No slip, secure grip
  • Stores neatly with linens on cart
  • Minimal cost, designed to last
  • Labor efficient
  • Replacements in minutes
  • ROI in less than 6 months
  • FOB Miami, USA
These destinations ‘Keep their skirts on!‘ with BOTRACKS®

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